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Court Service Center

The Massachusetts Trial Court is expanding walk-in Court Service Centers across the state. Court Service Centers help people navigate the court system. Centers are available to all court users without lawyers, and there are no income or immigration status requirements. All of the services in the Court Service Centers are free, but there may be other fees associated with your case, such as filing fees. Please click the link below for more information and locations

Virtual Registry

Attorney’s and litigants are also encouraged to access the registry remotely using our Virtual Registry, available at This service is available daily from 9:00am to 12:00pm and again from 1:00 pm to 4:00pm. Registry staff is available to answer all your questions using our Zoom capabilities.  We also have our Lawyer of the Day program with our calendar of availability on the website. The website also provides our most up to date office information as well as links to needed Probate and Family Court forms.  

Public Terminals and Printing Access

The Registry now has public access computers available in Taunton & Fall River. 

These computers run the "eAccess application" allowing users to search cases by name, case type, and case number.  


Case information including party names, hearing dates, filings, and case disposition details are available.  Scanned images of documents may also be available (i.e. petitions, orders, judgements). 

Users can print copies of documents directly from the public access terminals.  Printed copies can be retrieved from a Registry Clerk at the counter.

Emergency Closures

Court offices close only in rare circumstances when the safety of the public or court employees is at risk.  If you have a scheduled event in a location experiencing an emergency closure, the Clerks Office will notify you of a new hearing date.  There are four ways to find information about court closures:

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