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Review of Court Case Files

Review of physical Court file:


The Register has the duty to maintain all court papers relating to Probate & Family Court cases.  Court records are open to public inspection unless otherwise protected by statute or judicial order.

You may access and view case files at our Taunton office located at 40 Broadway, Suite 240.  In order to access and view a case file, you must know the case docket number. If you do not know the docket number, you may obtain it from the public computer terminals at any Registry of Probate or any Registry of Deeds location.

A maximum of three (3) files can be reviewed same day.  If you would like to review more than three files you may submit a Research Request Form and review up to 12 files.  These forms can be submitted by email at  Requests submitted by 3:00 PM will be available for review by 8:30 AM the following business day.  



Due to space limitations and statutory reference, older files are held off-site and require additional time for delivery to our Taunton office.  Effective February 2022, Probate cases from the years 1931-1970 will be transferred to our archive storage facility.

For file location and expected availability please click on the link below    


File Location Chart

File Location Change Notice

Review of Certain Electronic Court Files:

Remote Access Online:

Please visit mass for eAccess


Electronic Access within Courthouse:

Public access computers are available in Taunton and Fall River.  In many cases users will have access to electronic versions of scanned court documents (i.e. petitions, orders, judgements, ect.).   Users can print copies of documents directly from the public access terminals and retrieve their copies from one of the Clerks at the counter.

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